Hi, I’m Dr. Michele Ross!

I've worked with patients around the globe for a decade and I am confident I can improve the quality of your life with plant medicine.

As a neuroscientist with fibromyalgia, I understand how confusing it can be to choose and use the right plant medicine products including CBD, cannabis, kratom, and mushrooms.

I'm here to offer expert support in a judgement-free zone and help you navigate the challenging legal restrictions for cannabis & other plant medicines in your state or country.

Choose from monthly or lifetime access to courses in Infused Health, with new courses by Dr. Ross and other experts added monthly.

Who is Infused Health for?

Healthcare & Wellness Professionals

Get the lifetime membership to keep updated on the latest in plant medicine including CBD, cannabis, kratom, and mushrooms so you can serve your patients better.

Patients Looking To Improve Life With Chronic Illness

Choose the 3-month membership to get 1-on-1 support to successfully transition from prescriptions to plant medicine. Price will increase in 2021, so lock in your rate now.

Cannabis Industry Professionals

Get instant access to premium certifications like Cannabis & Motherhood with a flexible monthly payment plan with the option to upgrade to lifetime membership at any time.

Choose Your Membership Level:

Would you like to speak with a Holistic Health Coach who has over a decade of experience in cannabis education, research, and patient advocacy and is the author of two cannabis books, including Vitamin Weed and CBD Oil For Health?

Bonus Coaching Sessions provided in the 3-Month Membership:

The 1st 20-Minute Coaching Session:

  • Answers to your questions about:
  • what THC, CBD, and terpenes are
  • smoking cannabis and choosing the right strains
  • tinctures, edibles, pills, patches, topicals and other delivery methods
  • if you need to get a MMJ card and how to do that
  • Review of potential drug interactions and medical conditions prior to your to provide harm reduction recommendations and dosing for your health issues.
  • A visit summary pdf with links to products, support and resources as appropriate.

The 2nd 20-Minute Coaching Session:

  • follow-up on how products are working and any adjustments on dosing, strains, or products.
  • suggestions for adjustments to other treatments based on cannabis experience.
  • begin identifying goals for subsequent coaching sessions.
  • A visit summary pdf with links to products, support and resources as appropriate.

The 3-6th 20-Minute Coaching Sessions:

  • topics are determined by client and may include diet, stress management, mindset, and life coaching.
  • A visit summary pdf with links to products, support and resources as appropriate.

***Note in 2021 the only way to work with Dr. Ross 1-on-1 is through this Infused Health 3-Month Membership. She is longer taking cannabis coaching clients through Veriheal or her website.***

Infused Health is a membership program provided by Infused Partners LLC.